Welcome to Falconry Tours

Here you can learn about and register for the different kind of the falconry field events or order a private event and demonstrations

If you do not see scheduled event for the date you are looking for, please contact me and a custom event will be created.
Depends on the season and weather, you can select at east one or more events:

1) Introduction and demonstration
I have a Ph.D. in Biology and 30 years of experience in falconry. I designed this general educational program based on my experience and my best knowledge of the subject to provide you with a unique hands on experience about flying birds of prey, their biology and natural history, life in captivity and interaction with man. The program starts with a short tour where participants get to learn about the birds and see them at close hand. This is followed by a flying display, and basic bird handling instruction. There is ample opportunity after the display for all participants to handle the birds and for photographs to be taken. Even though this program is meant to be an introductory practical field experience, it can easily be adjusted to suit a special event – Birthday Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries – we can help to make the occasion something that you and your family and friends will not forget! The choice of birds includes a variety of species including: Owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons.

2) Apprenticeship
If you wish to start falconry, you should take a falconry exam and obtain a permit, to begin your apprenticeship. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? But let’s compare apprenticeship with a vault holding real gems and imitations. Imagine you know nothing about the stones (like me for a example ;)) but you allowed to take 2 or 3 stones from the vault. I do not know how you’d feel in such situation, but I will definitely feel very confused and sorry that I am not prepared and that I really did not know in advance what I am supposed to look for. Hence, current program was designed to help you to get out as much as possible from your sponsor and from your apprenticeship. If falconry is something you’re passionate about you should come out to check this program. During this 6 hours long event we will go over the most common tasks and challenges of the apprenticeship. The main focus is on the bird handling and development.

3) Development and training
This program delves into the finer aspects of falconry, namely, the correct practices when it comes to bird training as well as understanding the needs and behavior of birds of prey. This program assumes that the participant has had previous exposure to birds of prey, as well as understands falconry basics and terminology. This is the next step in the apprenticeship program, where I will explain different techniques of bird handling and development. This program has a strong focus on bird-human relationship and psychology, kite/lure flying, and introducing birds to game.

4) Advanced falconry and hunting.
This program is available during the hunting season only and is a heavily oriented field hunting experience. Participants must have a thorough understanding of falconry concepts & methods, as well as hunting ethics in general. The primary focus of this program is flying your raptor and watching it hunt. Daily sessions begin early (usually at 7AM) and do not have exact time limits, as any situation may develop in numerous unexpected ways. At the end of the session, there will be a time to ask questions and receive feedback about the flight events. Please Note: Proper field attire is a must! Also, please understand that you will be exposed to the daily reality of life & death in nature – i.e. you will witness animals eating other animals.